Hunt Estates

Guide to the Selling

Arrange a market appraisal

The first step to placing your house for sale is to ascertain how much your property is worth and to arrange a market appraisal.

Hunt Estates' experienced valuers will arrange a time to suit you. Our representative will detail all of our services and advise on the market value and recommend an asking price.

Arranging an Advocate

It is advised that you arrange a Jersey advocate early in the process so a file can be opened in readiness. We are happy to offer recommendations for your conveyancing,  should you require them.

Agree the sale

When a sale is agreed we confirm the buyer’s ability to proceed by checking if there is a chain of sales behind your buyer. We will also check with other relevant agents to see how the chain is progressing. If your buyer is ready to proceed without a property to sell, we will ask for proof of funds. Once all the information is to hand we will write to all parties to confirm the sale and then the legal progress commences.

Legal work before the sale completion

Once instructed the advocate will commence work on progressing the sale on your behalf. This will involve raising and checking all legal documentation in relation to your property, liaising with the buyer's lawyer, answering any queries, and if mortgage finance is required, dealing with the relevant financial institution. This process should take on average between 4-6 weeks.  


In most cases a surveyor is recommended for a property purchase. The surveyor acting for the buyer will need access to your house. We will liaise with the surveyor and yourself to arrange access. It is best that you make available any guarantees for work done or invoices for repairs or replacement items such as a boiler or damp proof course.

Inventory of contents

Our representative will compile and inventory of contents that will be included in the sale. This will generally be integrated kitchen appliances, fitted carpets, curtains, light fittings etc. Once you have agreed this, it will be forwarded to all parties.

Completion date

This is the date that the sale transaction will complete before The Royal Court of Jersey. In the case of Share Transfer properties, the lawyers will complete the sale as there is no need for you to attend The Royal Court. In all cases, the agent needs to have confirmation from the lawyer that the sale has completed before keys can be released.

Why Sell Your Home with Hunt Estates?

  • Reassuringly experienced negotiators who have excellent knowledge of the local market, especially having lived here for many years
  • We will provide you with regular feedback
  • Integrity and honesty in all our dealings with you
  • Prominent modern offices in a busy thoroughfare in the heart of St. Helier
  • Large office window with latest digital displays
  • We advertise in a wide range of print and social media
  • National  and international advertising available by arrangement
  • Professionally produced film of your home by arrangement
  • Experienced photographers
  • Latest, bespoke interactive website
  • Upload to property portals to ensure maximum exposure of your home
  • Latest estate agency software to match sellers to  buyers
  • Distinctive For Sale boards
  • Carefully chosen use of social network platforms to drive traffic to our website
  • Well respected team with extensive network of contacts.

Our representatives will make an appointment to visit you in your home and explain how we will help find a buyer for you. We will also help you find your new home and will listen carefully to your needs and requirements.

We will explain the sale and buying process and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

We will measure, photograph and even video your home (if required). We will ensure that your property is presented in the very best light which, in turn, will help you achieve the best possible price.

Tips on preparing your home for sale

  • Spring Clean: Give your house a good clean. Clean and tidy all cupboards and stack items in a uniform manner.  Power wash the exterior pathways, patios and drives.  Make your home sparkle.
  • Kerb Appeal: We have all heard this term many times but stand back and take a good look at the outside of your house. Does it look clean and cared for? Is the front door clean and free from paint chips? Make sure you have healthy plants in tubs by your door and that the garden or approach looks inviting. Lots of buyers will want to do a drive by before booking a viewing and first impressions count.
  • Beautiful Gardens: Make sure your garden or outdoor space is tidy and well cared for. Think about creating spaces: for eating and relaxation or a children’s area if your property is a family home. Consider who your house should appeal to? First time buyers, families or retirees? Think how they might like to use the space and create it. Everyone likes to eat out on a warm day, so set up the patio furniture for viewings, so buyers can easily imagine themselves in your property.
  • Lovely Interiors: Clear your entrance hall of any coats or shoes so it is easy for any buyer to enter and move around. Check that each room, shelves or worktop are free from anything that is too personal.  Arrange display items and furniture in a balanced way.  Keep decoration light and airy; no strong offensive colours that can close down the space in the room or be oppressive. Set up each room as it is meant to be used, so if the cross-trainer is in the dining room, move it!
  • Love your Bedroom:  Keep all bedding to neutral or light colours. ‘Dress’ the beds with layering, cushions and throws. Put away the cuddly toys, keep bedside tables free from clutter.
  • Bright and Breezy: Appeal to the senses and have a lovely smelling house. Keep scented candles to a minimum, put fresh flowers around the house, make sure there aren’t any lingering pet smells, but most of all, let the fresh air in, especially in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • Spend a Little: Consider putting some money aside to prepare your house for sale. Get the chipped paintwork touched up, replace a worn carpet or cracked tiles. Spending a little won’t necessarily mean you can ask more for your property but it will certainly stop buyers making low offers.
  • Listen to your agent: We will be giving you feedback after the viewings.  We might suggest moving or altering things based on our knowledge of what buyers are requiring or repetitive comments that might be made. Work with us to effect a viewing and try not place to many restrictions on viewing times (if at all possible). We will be working hard to convert an enquiry to a viewing and a viewing leads to a sale.